Prenatal yoga – Adapting the practice during pregnancy

The pregnant body, you know this already, is full of vitality. Practicing yoga is safe and beneficial, as long as you respect your body and adapt your practice.

Much depends on your previous experience with yoga, and with the moment where you are in pregnancy. Here are some elements I consider as a birth doula and prenatal yoga teacher.

  1. There are movements we need to limit. This is often intuitive if you listen to your body: some kinds of forward bends need to be at least adapted; twists should not go below the line of shoulders; special care should come with any kind of inversion.

  2. There are practices we can especially encourage. This is the case with lateral opening and grounding breathing techniques. I include in my classes some principles from Spinning Babies® to make space in the mother’s body, so the baby can find an optimal position.

  3. There are positions that are especially good to deal with some discomforts in pregnancy, from sciatic pain to trouble sleeping. And also positions that are good to know in preparation for birth, to feel stable, strong, and open to surrender.

I periodically offer prenatal yoga Präventionskurse (reimbursed by German health insurance).

You can get in touch to have more information. Enjoy the practice!