As a certified doula with DONA International, I serve families in Berlin and online. My support is available as single sessions, in pregnancy and/or postpartum, or also grouped in a package when I attend birth.

My offerings include prenatal and postnatal yoga Präventionskurse (reimbursed by health insurance). My experience as a doula has been amplified and deepened as a facilitator at mothers’ and parents’ circles, in weekly groups that supports new and future parents in Berlin free of charge (supported by public funding).

How do we start?

Schedule a first call, free of charge, to discuss your specific needs. You can find below a longer description of the services I offer.

What to expect

  • My main intention is protecting the birthing person’s experience of this key event in their life by making them feel witnessed, heard, respected, cared-for and informed to make decisions.
    Satisfaction level after birth is not linked to outcome, but to sense of agency.

  • Welcoming a new life, from pregnancy until birth and the postpartum time, is a miracle. I am devoted to protect this deeper meaning and to make sure that a person going through this process remains connected to their sense of agency and feminine empowerment.
    May we recognise in wonder the miracle of life.

  • Part of my work is dedicated to community: building our “village”, becoming familiar with the human challenges of pregnancy, birth and parenthood is at the heart of the circles for mothers and parents I facilitate.
    Confidence is doing your best for what you can control, trust is knowing that you already know and are ready.

Ibu Robin Lim, Midwife & Author, 2011 CNN Hero of the Year

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula practice

I work with some families only in pregnancy, with others only during the postpartum period, and with others I am present through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Prenatal meetings

  • Exploring the family’s needs, wishes and fears around birth, and discussing evidence-based information to prepare birth preferences, sometimes writing the birth plan.

  • Practicing positions, movements and breathing techniques for pregnancy and labour, also drawing from my experience as a prenatal yoga teacher.

  • Encouraging baby’s optimal positioning with massage and fascia touch (the basic principle of Spinning Babies ®).

  • Relaxation, touch and techniques to help with intensity and progress in labour (counterpressure, acupressure, rebozo, sound, visualisations). This may include preparing the partner to provide support.

  • Blessingway ceremonies with elements of the shamanic tradition, when a family is preparing to spiritually welcome their baby and the changes that are ahead.

When I attend birth

  • Unlimited phone and email consultations for questions and support.

  • On-call status from two weeks before the estimated due date, with arrangements for a back-up doula.

  • Companionship during labour, at home and/or at the place of birth.

  • Immediate postpartum support at the place of birth.

Postnatal meetings

  • Debriefing the experience of birth and answering any remaining questions. This could take place in the days immediately after birth, or much later.

  • Caring for the mother’s emotional and physical recovery. This can include fascia touch to release tension from the body, and massage starting from 15 days after birth.

  • Additional support may include light housekeeping, meal preparation, baby care, and whatever is needed for the family.

  • Starting from 40-60 days after birth, postnatal movement and breathing (adapted from my practice of yoga).

  • Physically and symbolically finding centre with a rebozo “closing the bones” ceremony, from 40/60 days after birth. This ritual is considered in many cultures the start of a new period and chapter.

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