Prenatal Yoga Präventionskurs in Berlin in English


Manoah Zentrum, Urbanstr. 118, 10967 Berlin
8 weeks € 129/reimbursed by health insurance

Check my calendar for more info and registration

A practice based on the Pranayoga Method®’s hatha yoga and adapted for pregnancy, inspired by the Spinning Babies® approach and guided by a birth doula. We will move body and breath with a focus on grounding and stability in times of change, lateral opening and making space in our bodies, strengthening and making new positions comfortable, allowing ourselves to open and let go. You are welcome to come before the practice for a mothers’ circle, free from participants of the postnatal and prenatal courses.


Q: When is a good time to join the prenatal yoga course?
A: You can join starting from week 14 of pregnancy. Earlier than that, I prefer to discuss your specific case. Later in pregnancy, this practice is safe and beneficial until birth.

Q: How often do you offer these courses?
A: We typically start one cycle in January, one in April, one in September and one in November. Outside of the courses, I also offer private sessions and recorded videos of previous courses. Get in touch to know more.

Q: What is the focus of the prenatal practice?
A: We practice a lot of lateral movements, as well as positions on all four’s, movements for the pelvis, breathing techniques and embodied mediations. Each course is different, depending on the participants. We make new positions comfortable, and also bring relief to common discomforts in pregnancy (from back-pain to the sciatic nerve, from wrists to pubic symphysis).

Q: What happens if I miss a class?
A: We usually record the online practice, so that you can watch it again if you could not make it to class. And of course we can catch up if you have any questions.


My intention is to offer deep work that does not feel like hard work.

Both the prenatal and the postnatal yoga I offer in Berlin are Präventionskurse: reimbursed by health insurance, their aim is to help preventing chronic stress. Why is this important?

Particularly for the prenatal and postnatal groups, a practice that reduces stress and inflammation is a practice that reduces the perception of pain and increases the body’s healing powers.

A yoga practice centred around the breath not only has physical effects, but opens access to a deeper calm, sometimes almost hypnotic state.

The practice I propose both for prenatal and postnatal yoga suggests that letting go of doing and controlling may be one of the best things you can do for birth and postpartum.

In these classes we are not asked to be competitive, making something happen all the time, proving our strength and determination, or constantly rationalising our experience.

Accepting our feminine side is the deepest message I want to send. Being receptive, allowing, receiving, trusting, healing, nurturing are all states grounded in sensitivity and connection with the world around us.