Birth & postpartum doula

birth doula berlin

As a doula, I serve families in Berlin and work with them in pregnancy, during birth and in the postpartum period.

How do we start?

Schedule a first meeting, free of charge.

We will agree on a doula package that satisfies the specific needs of your family, for birth or also postpartum-only.

Some of the support I offer is also available as private sessions, here you can find out more.

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Marta gave us an atmosphere of calmness and helped us to be grounded and connected for the birth. She made me mentally and physically ready. Every time we saw each other my fears were getting less. Marta was great with my husband. They had both their own roles during the birth. And because of her my husband was more confident and focused. Marta was always there for us.

What is usually included in a doula package?

Prenatal meetings

This is important to allow the family to feel comfortable and familiar with me. I usually offer between 4-6 prenatal sessions, as I find that prenatal sessions help building trust between the person giving birth and me, which is among the most important elements at birth.

  • We talk about the family’s needs, wishes and fears around birth, and discuss evidence-based information to prepare birth preferences and write the birth plan.
  • We practice positions, movements and breathing techniques for labour, also drawing from my experience as prenatal yoga teacher.
  • We explore explore fascia touch (the basic principle of Spinning Babies®) to encourage baby’s optimal positioning.
  • We enjoy relaxation, touch and techniques to help with intensity and progress in labour (counterpressure, acupressure, rebozo, sound, visualisations, …).

Unlimited phone and email consultations

When I follow a family, I truly care for them. I am available for questions and support.

On-call status until birth & back-up doula

Starting from two weeks before the estimated due date, I am reachable 24/7 until baby arrives.

I also provide arrangements for a back-up doula, who will also be reachable by the family as an extra guarantee of support.

Companionship during labour

As a birth doula, I stay by the side of the birthing person continuously and uninterruptedly, remaining calm and objective. 

  • The family calls me when they think labour is starting. We assess the situation together, and I prepare to join them at home or where we agreed.
  • Throughout labour and birth, I provide emotional and physical support to the person in labour and the partner.
  • Part of my work is to facilitate communication between the labouring person, the family and care providers, and to defend the family’s birth preferences.
  • My main intention is to protecting the birthing person’s experience of this key event in her life by making her feel witnessed, heard, respected, cared-for and informed to make decisions.

Immediate postpartum support at the place of birth

After the baby is born, I remain until the placenta is also born and the family is ready for quiet time.

I can support with initiating breastfeeding too.

Postpartum visits

After the birth, I also offer postpartum support. These can take many forms, depending on the family’s needs for wellbeing.

  • A first postpartum visit usually takes place in the days immediately after birth, to debrief the experience and answer any remaining questions.
  • We care for the mother’s emotional and physical recovery. This can include fascia touch to release tension from the body.
  • Additional support may include light housekeeping, meal preparation, baby care, and whatever is needed for the family.
  • Starting from 40-60 days after birth, I also offer postnatal movement and breathing (adapted from my practice of yoga).

Closing ceremony

From 40 days after the birth, I offer a rebozo “closing the bones” ceremony. This moment is considered in many cultures the start of a new period after the birth.

  • Nurturing treatment focusing on abdomen and hips: fully clothed, lying on mats and cushions, wrapped in scarves at different levels of body, firmly hugging, gently rocking and releasing.
  • Symbolic ritual after opening experience of pregnancy and childbirth: after allowing another being to be born from her, the mother finds her own centre again.
  • Physical pleasure, deep relaxation, spiritual aspect: the ceremony often feel emotional and sacred, it can bring up memories and emotional release, and it can be healing and cleansing on many levels.


Marta is a good listener with a deep human connection. She just lightened up the end of my pregnancy with specific exercises for pain and for all my worries.