The birth story of Aga

This birth story is a very moving memory for me as a doula. As the medical personnel made sure that Aga and her baby were safe at all times, I was deeply touched by her strength and softness at the same time.

The picture here is not a detail: when going to the hospital in pre-labour, Aga brought with her this flower, a present from her youngest daughter. We kept he flower in water, but no matter how much we wanted it to open, it remained closed. When Aga’s baby and her body were really ready to give birth, the flower magically blossomed. I carry in my heart this lesson: nobody can force a flower to open.

Six months have past since the day I gave birth to my son, supported by Marta Doula.

That was my fourth pregnancy – this one was hard and risky. Because of my health issues, I was hospitalised four times, received tons of medicines not to let the baby boy be born before the due date.

I was so happy feeling my baby safe and growing nicely in the womb. Truth is that my body was exhausted, as well as my mind, but still I was somehow hoping to get back to my internal power and have a spontaneous birth. Of course it wasn’t sure the doctors would let this happen…

I needed the support of a professional, someone who would not only be able to understand me, but also to support uncomfortable emotions, someone who could maybe even strengthen my belief that impossible is possible 🙂 .

At that moment I met Marta. I called her two weeks before the due date. Magic Happens when Given the Chance, she had time in her schedule.

From the first meeting I loved her peaceful presence and willing to listen and to accept. In a couple of days she taught me how to breathe. We prepared the birth atmosphere, we chose a song, a smell for the birth, we talked about body positions.

The most important, she helped me to authentically find and clarify my needs for this birth and to let myself go.

Marta also had a very good contact with my family, my husband and our three daughters loved her from the first sight. Also during birth, she maintaining contact with them and letting them know how the things were going. I knew Marta was entirely dedicated to us for that period of time.

I spent three days in the hospital, waiting for labor, and most of the time Marta Doula was with me. Important witness during the hospital meetings with doctors, sometimes helping to make us understand each other. Marta was strong enough and gentle enough to make things go through. She was humble and very straight when she should be. She was communicating friendly with all hospital stuff, explaining to them my needs, discussing with me doctors’ decisions.

She was always at my side, even if the medical stuff didn’t agree with my need to give birth naturally, for medical reasons. My body somehow did not collaborate with the induction methods, and as the time was passing by, it was becoming dangerous to the child, as the waters were already broken. In those circumstances, which could be only stress and fear, Marta was able to help me to rebuild and to be connected to my intern power and to claim it constantly. That was huge work to do and I remain grateful to her.

On the day when labour actually started I felt really tired, but still I had access to that strong and peaceful part within myself, some kind of surrender, which was moving me from pain into power, this labor was a celebration! Really magical moment.

Spontaneous vaginal birth, as I had imagined. Marta was watching out to maintain the birth ambiance, so I felt relaxed and safe. She was at my side, reacting and helping me reaching out to the deepest parts of myself, to the strong part, that was wonderful.

I need to mention that Marta was collaborating easily with the Hebamme [midwife], so that all three of us could create that birth.

Six weeks after the birth, we met for the closing bones ceremony, and at that moment, in a beautiful celebration, my baby was entirely born.”