The birth story of Dana

Dana’s story is especially precious to me because it shows the power of trust. We did very beautiful and very deep work together, and I know this was only possible because of the trust that Dana and her partner gave to me.

This trust already showed up during pregnancy, but it was most evident during labour: I knew Dana really felt safe from the way labour progressed, wonderfully. When I left them at the hospital, labour was very well established, and I had no doubt that they were a strong birth team. I am deeply grateful to this young family for their trust and openness, the warmest gift a doula can receive.

“Here I am, a year after giving birth, I finally find the time to think back about the incredible experience of childbirth and those I had by my side.

Around the fifth month of pregnancy I discovered the existence of the doula figure. It intrigued me a lot, because I immediately realised that it was a different dimension compared to the midwife. So I started looking online and I found Marta. We spoke soon after, and from the first video call I understood that she was a person of rare sensitivity and sweetness. I was immediately convinced that having her by my side would have enriched my experience, and I was not mistaken at all.

Throughout our journey together, Marta was more than a doula, it was like having my best friend or sister by my side. This, especially for people like me and my husband who live abroad without a family, is incredibly beautiful, because you feel supported and loved as if you were with your loved ones. Together we tackled various issues on pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, such as relaxation techniques, desires related to the moment of childbirth, changes that occur in the relationship with your partner and much more.

It is difficult to describe the role of the doula well, but I try to say that she is a person who helps you to explore the profound beauty of bringing a human being into the world. And Marta has this incredible way of making it almost magical. Thanks to her, I understood that there is no need to be afraid, that everything is so incredibly natural and that the secret is just listening to your body and emotions and “go-with-the-flow”. And the demonstration of her wonderful work was precisely the moment of the birth.

I remember it like it was yesterday, Marta has been with my husband and me at home since the first contractions began. Despite the whirlwind of emotions that crossed us at that moment, we were able to remain so relaxed that we even started cooking the gnocchi all together 🙂 And at the right time, she accompanied us to the hospital, where the beautiful and very healthy Rafael was born in two hours. No stitches, no horror stories as I have heard many times from other mothers. Everything went as smoothly as possible, and I will always be convinced that it was thanks to the incredible state of relaxation that Marta gave me.

So to conclude (but I could really write a book about all the good this woman has done for us), friends moms and future moms, take advantage of the fact that there are people like Marta, trust them and you will not regret it. Indeed you will always remember an incredible and unique moment with so much love.

And to you, dearest Marta, a “thank you” that words cannot express. See you with the next child ;-)”