Yoga studio

In Berlin and online, I offer yoga classes in English and Italian. I practice hatha yoga, and also adapt it to the prenatal and postnatal period.

Through mindful postures and movement, breathing and the presence cultivated in yoga nidra, I practice embodiment: being present in the body. This plays a unique role against inflammation, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and stress.

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My Practice

Practicing with the Pranayoga Method®, alignment is first of all to ourselves. My yoga practice is based on listening to our sensations and being aware of our presence and vitality. My focus is on sensing internal and subtle movements, with attention to the respect and safety of each unique practitioner.

The practice includes body postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), gestures (mudra), introspection, visualisations, voice and sound. It is anatomically precise and at the same time creatively adapted to the individual’s unique circumstances. It is yoga for Every-Body.

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I’ve been taking prenatal yoga lessons with Marta since the beginning of my pregnancy and I love it. It helps me to relax and be more conscious of my body. Marta is sweet and caring, I highly recommend her.

Yoga classes in person and online

Yoga Hub Berlin
Thaerstraße 40
10249 Berlin

Monday 8:45-9:00

Monday 20:45-21:00

Monday 21:15-22:00

Manoah Zentrum
Urbanstraße 118
10967 Berlin

Tuesday 16:00-17:15

Tuesday 17:15-18:15

Tuesday 18:15-19:30

10-week Präventionskurse
starting on 6 April

VHS Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Frankfurter Allee 37
10247 Berlin

Thursday 17:30-19:00

10-week course
starting on 15 April

Planting intentions for the day (online)

Monday 8:45-9:00 (EN) – Yoga Hub Berlin (drop in €5)

We are opening the day and the week sitting together, embodied in ourselves, listening to the messages of our heart, planting and nurturing our intentions. This is a short practice to come home to yourself, with gentle focus and awareness. You are welcome, whether you already have your established practice, or are absolutely new to meditation.

Stretch out your day (online)

Monday 20:45-21:00 (EN) – Yoga Hub Berlin (drop in €5)

This is a short self-care practice to connect to our body at the end of the day. We will be mobilising, stretching, expanding and listening to our physical wisdom.We will be using preparation exercises from the Pranayoga Method® and practicing safely. All levels of physical fitness are welcome.

Yoga Nidra before sleep (online)

Monday 21:15-22:00 (EN) – Yoga Hub Berlin (drop in €10)

This is a shared practice of Yoga Nidra, a deeply nourishing guided meditation to bring our consciousness in the state between waking and sleeping, and explore. There is nothing you need to do here, you can just surrender and rest. The practice is open to all levels, and will leave you grounded, calm and present in your body.

Postnatal Yoga Präventionskurs (online)

Tuesday 16:00-17:15 (EN) – Mother Village (10 weeks €144/reimbursed)
+ free mothers’ circle 17:15-18:15

Next course starting on 13 April – More info

Taking care of our postpartum bodies in a group of supportive mothers, guided by a postpartum doula. This class uses asana (positions), movements and pranayama (breathing) to heal and support body, mind and heart, with the safety and awareness of the Pranayoga Method®. You are welcome to bring your baby or to come by yourself. From about 6 weeks after a vaginal birth, or 8 weeks after a cesarean birth, as long as your body feels ready for it and your doctor has encouraged you to resume your practice. After the practice, you are welcome to stay for a mothers’ circle, free from participants of the postnatal and prenatal courses.

Prenatal Yoga Präventionkurs (online)

Tuesday 18:15-19:30 (EN) – Mother Village (10 weeks €144/reimbursed)
+ free mothers’ circle 17:15-18:15

Next course starting on 13 April – More info

A practice based on the Pranayoga Method®’s hatha yoga and adapted for pregnancy, inspired by the Spinning Babies® approach and guided by a birth doula. We will move body and breath with a focus on grounding and stability in times of change, lateral opening and making space in our bodies, strengthening and making new positions comfortable, allowing ourselves to open and let go. You are welcome to come before the practice for a mothers’ circle, free from participants of the postnatal and prenatal courses.

Yoga against stress (in person* + online)

Thursday 17:30-19:00 (EN) – VHS Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (10 weeks €55/€ 29 ermäßigt)

Next course starting on 15 April – More info

This practice aims to stretch our body, open our breath and clear our mind. Beginning from our sensations, we will activate the body and refine our movements. Hatha yoga and pranayama will guide us to a state of effortlessness, and encourage our mind to reduce its noise. You can expect to leave the class in a state of balance, energised and grounded in the present, reducing stress and anxiety. The class follows the Pranayoga Method® and is accessible to all practitioners, both beginners and those who wish to deepen their yoga practice. 
*The course will take place in person as soon as it is allowed. Participating online will always be possible.