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My Yoga Practice

Woman in yoga practice

The practice of yoga is the union of embodiment, a place of integration of the physical and subtle body. My intention is to share the nurturing practice that has been my anchor in times of stress. It is to keep a connection with that inner stability where we can be in presence of the wise voice whispering inside of us.

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Thank you to Amélie Baasner for this picture

I started teaching yoga in 2017, after eight years of practice and a three-year (700+ h) teacher training with the Pranayoga Method® and the guidance of Amanda Morelli in Berlin and Maurizio Morelli in Italy. My practice includes body postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), gestures (mudra), introspection, visualizations, voice and sound.

Practicing with the Pranayoga Method®, alignment is first of all to ourselves. The pace of my classes varies, but the practice is based on listening to our sensations and being aware of our presence and vitality. My focus is on sensing internal and subtle movements, with attention to the respect and safety of each unique practitioner. The practice is anatomically precise and at the same time creatively adapted to the individual’s unique circumstances. It is yoga for Every-Body.


I visited Marta’s Prenatal Yoga classes during the last months of my pregnancy. I really felt that her Pranayoga Method was an ideal form of exercise during this period.
She showed us breathing techniques and postures especially adapted to the needs of every stage. Her exercises were relaxing, but at the same time energetic, allowing me to stay fit and balanced and helping both me and my baby.
I can only recommend Marta as a teacher, she is a very calm, nice and positive person!

Further reading on the practice of yoga

  • The Pranayoga Method® is a teaching method applied to hatha yoga. The practice aims to improve the perception and flow of Prana, “the vital energy”, both in the physical body and in the subtle structures constituting the mental and the higher levels of being connected with spirituality.
  • I teach hatha yoga, which can be considered the “mother” of all modern yoga styles, giving the building blocks for different ways to practice yoga.
  • My practice aims to be anti-inflammatory and is informed by the work of Bo Forbes.
  • Leslie Howard’s pelvic floor yoga is also part of my tools.
  • Here you can find the video of a recorded yoga practice. Let me know if you would like more material.
  • This is a simple guided meditation that I use to invite calm at the beginning of a practice.
  • Why I think yoga is art, and how a yoga practice can feel like magic.
  • I have profound respect for the journey of the yoga student who is in front of me.
  • When I describe the way I teach yoga, I often need to explain how it is similar to being a doula.