Are these yoga classes for you?


COMMUNITY ~ This is a space of connection for humans. Meeting regularly over the course of weeks, we have time to ask questions, give feedback and get to know each other. You are welcome as you are: this practice is targeted to the bodies of participants, independently from their shapes or flexibility, and there is no “one way” to any position.

ACCESSIBILITY ~ We take the slowness we need to listen to our body, and the time we need to learn together. We do not follow a choreography. Our music is the breath, and we leave out ego-driven athleticism. Affordable prices are also important: courses at the Volkshochschule are publicly subsidised, and Präventionskurse are in part reimbursed by health insurance.

CULTURAL AWARENESS ~ This practice is informed by the history and philosophy of yoga, a spiritually-rooted practice from South Asia. We practice postures, breathing and meditation techniques that are aimed at mindfulness rather than aestheticism. This is not a fitness/workout/sweating practice. We practice yoga as a tool of connection to our vitality through our physical, emotional and energetic body.

SELF-CARE AND REGULAR PRACTICE ~ Committing to the weekly course is already a way to show up for ourselves. We do not need to push ourselves beyond our limits. We can leave out competitiveness, performance and productiveness, and invite a state of receiving and allowing. This is what nourishes the connection to ourselves and others, as well as nurturing intuition, trust, and peace.

EMBODIMENT VS. INFLAMMATION ~ From research and experience, we know that “embodiment”, being present in the body, is a major tool again states of inflammation, including anxiety, depression and chronic stress (in yogic terms, “citta vritti”). Inflammation has an impact on our perception of pain (useful to anyone, including in preparation for birth) and on the ability of the body to heal (also essential for all of us, including in postpartum time). This practice is aimed at bringing rather than consuming energy, and offers a space for being rather than doing.