Spiritual companion: my role as a doula

Becoming a mother is often referred to as a natural and spontaneous process. Then why do we hear stories that are so different from this? My role as a doula is to be a bridge between the trust and confidence in the wonder that each mother is, and facing the personal and social reality that makes the picture more complicated.

Birth brings us as close as possible to the vitality and power of life. It is one of the most spiritual and most physical experiences we can witness. Instinct is a superpower, and at the same time we are complex creatures. We often need to be informed and well-supported in oder to feel empowered.

The postpartum time brings new and diverse challenges. From the identity shift that becoming a mother involves, to very practical questions. Welcoming a child, a new person into the world, is a “sacrifice”: it is an act that is made sacred by the power of love, the most grounded spirituality.

In this incredible process, accepting our feminine side can be among the most wonderful things we can learn. Letting go of control, trusting our ability to understand without reasoning, and also our sensitivity and connection with the world. It is my role as a doula to create the safe space to nurture these qualities.

When I offer my doula support, I regard myself as a spiritual companion. Birth, but also the process of becoming a mother, is a huge transition. A complete, strong being, who perhaps sees her role as a “sister”, allows herself to surrender to the channel of love.