birth doula berlin

My doula practice is based on inclusiveness and adaptability: it takes the shape of each birth and family. I fully trust a mother’s ability to give birth, and I know the importance of companioning and encouraging. A person giving birth can access her full power when she feels supported.

I was trained by DONA International and the Center for Doula Pathways.

You can get in touch for a first meeting, free of charge. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, you can ask questions and feel whether my doula care is what you are looking for.

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Anyone who has the fortune of finding you, will be moved by your sense of care. It’s so deep in you. ♥

What does my doula support look like?

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Each family has specific needs, and we create together a unique doula “package”, including:

  • Prenatal meetings
  • Phone and email consultations
  • On-call status from 2 weeks before the estimated due date
  • A back-up doula
  • Companionship during labour and birth
  • Immediate postpartum support
  • Postpartum visits
  • Rebozo “closing the bones” ceremony

Prenatal meetings, and postpartum support and the closing ceremony can also be offered independently from a package.

You are very welcome to contact me to arrange a free meeting.


Robin Lim, Doula

Dear Marta, I have known Dewi like a daughter since she was 14. We received her 1st Baby only 14 months ago. Last night she told me how amazing you were for her. Beless you, you found the perfect touch and words for Dewi in her unique life. I thought maybe somehow that you knew her already for years! You have the true heart ♥ of a Doula. Terima Kasih
Love, Ibu Robin

Further reading

  • Midwife Ibu Robin Lim (“Placenta – The Forgotten Chakra”) and doula Debra Pascali Bonaro (“Orgasmic Birth”) trained me as a doula and are a continuous source of inspiration.
  • In Berlin I am part of the Center for Doula Pathways, a collective of doulas who support each other. I rely on a back-up doula as an extra guarantee of support for the families I follow, and I reach out to my community to exchange knowledge and experiences.
  • Spinning Babies® is an approach I use to restore balance and make room for the baby in the mother’s body.
  • This is a beautiful video course for future parents featuring Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers, realised by the Center for Doula Pathways.
  • My practice of doula and yoga teacher are independent, but share the same qualities.
  • You can also read more about why I believe in doula care.