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A photo of Marta Palombo

Hi, I am Marta! This website is about my practice as a certified Pranayoga Method ® yoga teacher (700+ hours) and doula in Berlin. I mostly work in English and Italian, but I also speak German, French, Spanish and some Russian.

I became a yoga teacher and a doula for the same reason: a deep love for life and fascination for the wiser part of us, the part that whispers, and that we can hear only when we lower the volume of the mind. In my practice, I draw from elements of shamanic dreaming, reiki, qi gong, fascia, the cycles of nature and the feminine.

Thank you to Amélie Baasner for this picture

Yoga has been for me the space where I could sense my body, (literally) find digestion in times of stress, and keep a connection with my inner stability. Whether it is through asana, pranayama, relaxation, meditation or other tools, I believe in “yoga” as a union with that wise part of us — an integration of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Therefore, I constantly try to expand this state of union outside of the mat, in my daily life, and to keep this channel open.

My introduction to birth and being a doula came through pregnancy yoga and witnessing the power of this very special time, with its transformation and closeness to the source of life. As a doula, I am honoured to offer support in this transition, from practical to spiritual aspects. I fully trust the power and resilience of the families I work with, and my intention is to help create the conditions where they can thrive.

Core Principles

These are some of the principles at the heart of my practice:

Providing a grounded presence. This is the only gift I ultimately have. It is the basis for listening with compassion and care. It is through presence that I see love being materialised in action. My aim is to offer a space that can be trusted and where one feels safe to open up. I make every effort to provide clarity, organisation and reliability, and to be your anchor in times of change.

Working in honesty and humbleness. I do not pretend to be a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a midwife or any other figure that I am not. For this reason, I am constantly working to improve my practice. I prefer to say when I do not know something and to work with you so we learn together. Both as a yoga teacher and as a doula, I am aware of an important point: this is not about me. I can only witness and offer with an open heart my vision to support your personal path.

Inclusiveness and accessibility. I decided to call it “a practice for Every-Body” because I believe that none of us is far from a perfect standard. Alignment is to ourselves, this is why we are always at the right place in the right moment. My practice and support are adapted to who is in front of me. I am also a social worker, and it is my intention to keep my offerings affordable and far from a policy of consumerism.

Trust and community. I am engaged in deepening the sense of confidence and trust of present and future parents, and to build a community where we support each other. My experience with trauma, anxiety and depression has shaped my practice to become simple and non-prescriptive. Reducing the attention to performance and widening the space for inner and outer peace.


Marta is a wonderful presence, competent, present, skilled and radiates a solid humble stability.

Marcello Windolph, Perceptive Psychopedagogue & Fasciatherapist