Photo credits: Amélie Baasner

I became a yoga teacher and a doula for the same reason: a deep love for life and fascination for the wiser part of us, the part that whispers, and that we can hear only when we lower the volume of the mind.

Whether it is through asana, pranayama, relaxation, meditation or other tools, I believe in “yoga” as a union with that wise part of us, and as integration of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. I constantly try to expand this state of union outside of the mat, into daily life, and to keep this channel open.

My introduction to birth work came through pregnancy yoga and witnessing the power of this very special time in life, with its transformation and closeness to the source of life. As a doula, I am honoured to offer support in this transition, from practical to spiritual aspects.

These are some principles at the heart of my practice:

  • Presence. That is the only gift I ultimately have, and it is the basis for listening with compassion and care. It is from presence that I see love being materialised through action.
  • Groundedness. My aim is to offer a space that can be trusted and where one feels safe to open. I make all efforts to provide clarity, organisation and reliability.
  • Humbleness. Both as a yoga teacher and as a doula, I am aware of an important point: this is not about me. I can support, witness and offer with generosity my vision.
  • Honesty. I do not pretend to be a psychologist, a physiotherapist, a midwife or any other figure I am not. I am constantly working to improve my practice. I prefer saying when I do not know something, and working to find it out.
  • Inclusiveness. I decided to call it “a practice for Every-Body” because I believe none of us is far from a perfect standard. Alignment is to ourselves, this is why we are always at the right place in the right moment. My practice and support are adapted to who is in front of me.

[Photo credits: Amélie Baasner]