* Yoga courses reimbursed by health insurance

Most health insurances in Germany reimburse courses that qualify as “Präventionskurs”, without any doctor referral. Here is how the procedure works:

  • registration and payment are directly with the teacher or studio;
  • at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance, that you need to forward to your health insurance company;
  • your insurance will then transfer the reimbursement to you.

You can contact your health insurance company before booking the courses, and check with them about reimbursement, specifying the Kurs-ID for the relevant course.

My next cycle of courses is starting on 11 January (you can find description of all my classes under my schedule):

The postnatal and prenatal courses are offered as part of the Mother Village: participants from both courses are welcome to share experiences in a mother circle between the two classes.

Each course will last for 8 weeks, and costs € 117 per participant. Classes will be in person (in Kreuzberg, Berlin) and online at the same time.

To this I will add:

  • Hatha Yoga (not a Präventionskurs, but made affordable at the VHS) / on Tuesday at 18:15-19:45

This course will last for 10 weeks, and costs € 55 per participant (€ 29 ermäßigt). Classes will be in person (in Friedrichshain, Berlin) and online at the same time.

You can register here.

For any question, you can reach me at marta@every-body.berlin, I’ll be happy to hear from you!