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* Yoga courses reimbursed by health insurance

Most health insurances in Germany reimburse courses that qualify as “Präventionskurs”, without any doctor referral. Here is how the procedure works:

  • registration and payment are directly with the teacher or studio;
  • at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of attendance, that you need to forward to your health insurance company;
  • your insurance will then transfer the reimbursement to you.

You can contact your health insurance company before booking the courses, and check with them about reimbursement, specifying the Kurs-ID for the relevant course.

My cycles of courses start in January, then April, then September, then November (you can find dates and description of all my classes under my schedule):

  • Hatha Yoga (at Yellow Yoga) / on Tuesday at 16:00-17:15
  • Postnatal yoga (Kurs-ID: KU-ST-9GQE4G) / on Wednesday at 16:00-17:00
  • Prenatal yoga (Kurs-ID: KU-ST-J8MA5U) / on Wednesday at 18:00-19:00

The postnatal and prenatal courses are offered as part of the Mother Village: participants from both courses are welcome to share experiences in a mother circle between the two classes.

Each course will last for 8 weeks, and costs € 122 per participant. Classes will be in person (in Kreuzberg, Berlin) and online at the same time.

To this I will add:

  • Hatha Yoga (not a Präventionskurs, but made affordable at the VHS) / on Tuesday at 18:15-19:45

This course will last for 10 weeks, and costs € 55 per participant (€ 29 ermäßigt). Classes will be in person (in Friedrichshain, Berlin) and online at the same time.

You can register here.

For any question, you can reach me at, I’ll be happy to hear from you!